Zulfi Bokhari and Khusro Bakhtiar – PM Khan’s permanent members of his foreign tours, why?

By Iram Salim

This picture is worth more than one thousand words tell the exact picture of this PTI government.

The team members of Prime Minister Imran Khan sitting before the Erdogan’s Turkish team in a very casual manner. Who will show manners to Zulfi Bokhari and Khusro Bakhtiar.

Bokhari is a known ATM of Khan and Bakhtiar is a party friend of the premier.

Interestingly these two are seen which ever the country PM Khan visits.
Imran Khan needs to tell the people of Pakistan as why these two are so indespensible for him and the country.

One hardly finds any capability of these two except some peculiar qualities. The other cabinet members also dislike them for their peculiar service. Pak Destiny

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