COHERENT BREATHING— Best way to Breathe

COHERENT BREATHING— Best way to Breathe

By Col Wajid

We should inhale and exhales slowly—6 breaths a minute. This practice raises levels of carbon dioxide level in the body, drops blood pressure drops and heart rate goes in the mid-60s. A calming practice that places the heart, lungs, and circulation into a state of coherence, where the systems of the body are working at peak efficiency.

Sit up straight, relax the shoulders and belly, and exhale.
Inhale softly for 5.5 seconds, expanding the belly as air fills the bottom of the lungs.

Without pausing, exhale softly for 5.5 seconds, bringing the belly in as the lungs empty. Each breath should feel like a circle.
Repeat at least ten times, more if possible. – Pak Destiny

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