A Corona-survivor doctor shares his experience with a passionate appeal to Pakistanis to take this virus seriously before its too late

A Corona-survivor doctor shares his experience with a passionate appeal to Pakistani to take this virus seriously before its too late

By Dr. A. Majeed Chaudhry

It all started two days prior to Eid-Ul-Fitr, when I first experienced a rise in temperature and body aches – I had never ever experienced such myalgia in my life.

It felt as if someone perpetually smashed my body with a hammer.
It was a relentless fever of 102-102.05; not responding to Paracetamol.
On the suspicion of Corona, I had it tested two days before Eid, and as expected, it came back positive.

I self quarantined at home, taking all possible precautions, however, the fever refused to subside. I developed mild cough after ten days of self-isolation, and a CT Scan revealed multiple micro infiltrates in both lungs.
Following my physicians’ advice, I was admitted to PKLI, where oral steroid (40mg Prednisolne) was administered immediately.

This showed dramatic positive effects. My temperature settled down fairly quickly, my cough improved along with an increase in my apetite. I was also given an anti-coagulatlnt (Clexaine 60mg daily), in addition to Aspirin 75mg, and Clopidogril 75mg.

This was an eight day solitary confinement, involving daily Skype calls from consultants.

Here I would like to appreciate the team of consultantas at PKLI –Prof. Ijaz Ahmed, Prof. Mushtaq Haroon and Dr. Javed Khan (Pulmonologist).
They are doing a wonderful and heroic job for Corona patients admitted in PKLI.

It was a truly humbling experience, and I solemnly believe that prayers of my family, friends, students, colleagues, relatives and patients have been my saviour from a very difficult clinical problem.

I’m falling short on words for thanking everybody for this gesture of love, affection and kindness. May God be our saviour during such difficult times, and have mercy on humankind.

As a Covid-survivor I urge the nation to realise that Corona is a killer disease.
There is no available treatment at the moment. The only thing is precautionary measures.
Hospitals especially in Lahore are totally choked.
Amazing violations of Corona SOPs in the markets of all the cities of Pakistan.
There may be explosion of new cases up and down the country. No precautions whatsoever at any level.
One can only pray to Almighty. We may face situation like Italy, Spain ,Britain or even USA.
My brothers and sisters be prepared for the worst scenario. We don’t have a shade of medical facility what the above mentioned countries have and they are very badly struggling.
We are already struggling with substandard facilities. May I remind that number of medics and paramedics affected by corona is highest in the world. Let’s hope for the best.

This pandemic has brought out the worst in us. While we all have our faces covered with masks, the ugliness in our personalities has largely been unmasked. Racism, bigotry, envy, jealousy, malice and selfishness are all coming out stronger than ever before, unmasked by the anxiety, fear and isolation of the current situation. From quarrels among friends, to rows between professional colleagues, to domestic abuse, to religious hatred and intolerance, to a racist policeman’s knee pressed down on the neck of a black man till the point of death.

This ugliness was present already, the pandemic has simply unmasked it. Almighty have mercy on us.—–


Professor Dr. Abdul Majeed Chaudhry


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