“A not so bad idea for police reforms” — let’s give it a chance

"A not so bad idea for police reforms" -- let's give it a chance

By Fayyaz Butt

      Point of Law and point of facts are terms which are used to solve every legal case. 

     A human can learn the point of fact as he reached in his age of maturity but what he should do for point of law?

    Justice delayed is justice denied. A very common and fame sentence. Isn’t it due to a long chain of judgement in our system? We need to shorten the chain. For a particular territory (Police Station) one SHO, Judge, and as many as IOs (Investigation Officers) supported by soldiers as per need are to be appointed to serve the territory.

    I believe that an IO (Investigation Officer) in most of the cases is reached at the correct decision within eight to ten working discussions/ actions.

    Let us assume that we have finished the chain here and IO would make the decision of the case on the basis of point of facts and forward to the judge (SHO) for the implementation of point of Law.

     With the signee of IO and judge the decision be passed, where IO is to be responsible for the facts and the judge for the application of Law.

     On the next stage we have only one forum where it is to be heard. Both parties do have the rights to engage their lawyers at this stage. Time line at both stages should be very well defined. In first stage (Police Station) 10 days are good enough and in the second stage maximum 30 days.

     In case IOs or SHOs involve in any mala fide position they should be punished with the accused.

    Here we have a famous and regular means of communication in our religious society that is JUMA Prayer, MEMBUR of the Masjid. This forum is used by our religious leaders to address (KHUTABA) to the General Public.      

As a matter of fact, they have no right to address General Public on Law and the current affair. This forum is for the representative of The Governments.

     Questions arises who shall be representative of the government.

In my opinion in the big Masjid SHO and in small Masjids IOs should address the General Public. IOs and SHOs must be aware of basic knowledge of Islam.

     In this way General Public shall be aware of current Laws from the mouth of those people who are responsible for its enforcement. I believe in this way a good relationship may be developed in the society and we may have morally strong society. PAK DESTINY

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