Why Imran Khan is silent on Punjab police brutality?

Why Imran Khan is silent on Punjab police brutality

By Nazim Malik

Can CM Usman Buzdar take a look at this video and see the real face of Shahbaz Sharif’s legacy– Punjab police.

But poor Buzdar seems to be helpless as how to discipline this unruly police. Perhaps he thinks that if he snatches stick from police then how come he and like him maintain their “tehka” in their constituencies where police are the “mai baap”.

No one serious to tame police in Punajb

“Ridiculous: Police’s job is to provide security. What they r doing inside, why beating/pushing those entering into shrine’s “Bahishti darwaza”. They can ask devotees for queue not to beat 1 by one. Auqaf department’s has to manage peoples. They might be busy to take care of VVIPs”, says journalist Ansar Naqvi.

Buzdar is looking up to Khan who is mute

The so called reformer Imran Khan could have issued over a dozen statements on the Punjab police’s torture that resulted in killing of 16 people recently had he was not prime minister.

Poor man must be thinking that he must have been in the opposition at this time to take on Punjab police and their masters. Pak Destiny


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