A shameful end of Nusrat Javed’s road accident drama — he is sorry for making a false story

nusrat javed accident drama exposed

By Iram Salim

    What a shameful end of disgraced TV anchor Nusrat Javed’s claim that an attempt on his life was made yesterday. In a back to back tweets he himself denied without mentioning that he met with a road accident because he was drunk.

    As he made hue and cry on social media that gunshots were fired upon his car and it skidded off the road and a few men attacked him, fellow anchor Hamid Mir appealed to PM Imran Khan in a tweet: “Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI must take notice of this incident he can disagree with the views of @javeednusrat but nobody  has the right to attack or harass him and his claim on social media should be considered as a first information report”.

   Later when police investigated the whole matter and found no substance of Nusrat’s claim, the poor anchor apologised to his fans but short of saying that his car met with an accident because he was ‘high’ because of drug influence or he was drunk.     

Nusrat Javed said in a series of tweets: “Police also believe that boys came around me perhaps wanted to help me but the post accident trauma and paranoia  made me suspect otherwise. I have no choice but accept the Police version. I render sincere apology to people who must have felt deeply hurt for my paranoia. Also feel too grateful to a huge crowd of friends and well wishers who deeply felt upset about my pain. Have no words to thank them. I honestly believe that I must take the incident as an unfortunate accident and must not hold anyone responsible for it. I have to accept their professional opinion. Perhaps the post accident trauma made me paranoid and I suspected foul play for a definite history with the current government. After thorough probe the ISLAMABAD police found that my tyre hit a stone; got burst and the car skidded and thus the rest of damage.” 

 This is absurd. He should also apologise by blaming that Imran Khan wanted to kill him. What a shameful character he is turning out to be. Pak Destiny 

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