Aamir Liaquat — a fake doctor who brought only shame to his leader and employer

Aamir Liaquat --  a fake doctor who brought only shame to his leader and employer

By Raza Ruman

Imran Khan’s favorite and PTI youthia MNA the fake doctor Aamir Liaquat Husain again showed his dirty color and demeaned a minority community in order to lick boots of his leader by targeting Maryam Nawaz.

Liaquat posted the image of a Hindu deity to mock Maryam who had said that she would show her other face if action against those involved in Daska by-poll rigging were not taken to task.

Hindu deity Liaquat posted was black — kali maata.

Liaquat said this was other face (dusra roop) of Maryam. The minority PTI lawmakers took on Liaquat and demanded Imran Khan to action against this dirty man.

In the past this man only brought embarrassment. One only wonders why Khan needed to have this man whom many call garbage around. But Khan seems to get used to many garbage like personalities around him.

Although after strong reaction from all quarters this man tendered apology but he will never stop throwing such filthy things on others.

Earlier PTI’s MNA from Tharparkar, Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, who is also the chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council criticised Husain’s tweet as a “shameful act”.

“Strongly condemned this shameful act by someone who claims to be a religious scholar also but doesn’t know respect to other religions. Delete this tweet immediately otherwise we reserve right to demand strict action under the Blasphemy Act and protest across the country,” he wrote on Twitter.

The council further said the TV host’s post had not only hurt the sentiments of Hindus across the country but also created resentment among supporters of the ruling party who admired party chief and Prime Minister Imran Khan and believed in the party’s manifesto regarding protecting the rights of religious minorities.

Let’s see if Sultan Lakhani of Express TV fires him from an entertainment program or let this bigoted get away with all such crimes. PAK DESTINY

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