Abusive language against Mubashir Lucman — Royal TV’s Licence suspended

royal and mubashir

By Raza Ruman (Pakdestiny.com) Pakistan Electronic Media Regulator Authority (Pemra) has suspended Royal TV license for using abusive language against Channel 24 anchor Mubashir Lucman.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulator Authority took the decision after Royal TV refused to pay Rs100,000 fine and air apology.

The authority decided to suspend the license and transmission of Royal TV till the compliance of its orders in letter and spirit. It may be mentioned that the Council of Complaints Lahore in its meeting dated January 11, 2016, had recommended imposition of Rs100,000 fine on Royal TV for using highly abusive language.

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Mubashir Lucman who used to receive a good number of notices from PEMRA in the past is happy to see finding it at his side.

In the program Issue of the Day, hosted by Wajahat Khan in November last, the guests on the show – Ibrahim Mughal and Rehmat Ali Razi – passed abusive remarks found to be in violation of PEMRA rules. The PEMRA notice partly quotes Mughal as having said journalism once used to be a grueling job but now it has become a job for dogs and if such dogs stayed in journalism…. ”

Razi on the other hand is quoted to have said: “Mubasher Lucman is a blackmailer and corrupt man. He has no shame….his DNA should be conducted to find out….”

The comments went on air un-edited in sheer disregard to PEMRA laws and code of conduct, the notice said.

PEMRA also details the clauses from its code of conduct that a licensee has to adhere to.

The Royal TV launched offensive against Lucman after he did a program on Channel 24 against the Royal TV owner who is in the custody of NAB in Rs1.5 billion fraud of Formanites Housing Society. – Pak Destiny
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