BREATHE—YOU ARE ALIVE col wajid hussain

By Col Wajid Hussain

We should  treasure the days and hours which we are left to live. Live every breath, every step, and b b every action, deeply. Treasure every moment of walking, working, reading, drinking tea or eating a meal. While walking , combine these words with each step. Breathe in say, “Breathing legendary breaths,”. Breathing  out say, “Living legendary moments, wonderful moments.” Breathing is a kind of celebration, celebrating the fact of being alive, still alive.

Nostril Cleaning: open the window and breathe freely, closing one nostril with the finger or thumb, sniffing up the air through the open nostril. Then repeat the process on the other nostril. Repeat several times, changing nostrils. This method will usually clear the nostrils of obstructions. 

Smile —New day is beginning

The moment you wake up, right away, you can smile. You are aware that a new day is beginning, that life is offering you twenty-four brand-new hours to live, which is the most precious of gifts. Breathing in, you say that today you will be more caring and accepting, and honest. Breathing out you say, you will be more honest and authentic .Then on third breath say, you will be more forthcoming.and trusting. Then on forth breath say, you shall be more open, present and grateful. – Pak Destiny

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