Chaudhry Munir and Mian Amer buy ‘Abu Dhabi Palace in Lahore’ from Arab Sheikhs against Rs7bn

By Kiran Bokhari

    (Pak Destiny- Exclusive) Business tycoon and the Sharif family relative, Chaudhry Munir and Dunya Media Group owner Mian Amer Mahmood have jointly bought a ‘palace’  built by an Arab Sheikh in Lahore against Rs7bn.

An official privy to the development told Pak Destiny that ‘Abu Dhabi Palace’ located near Wapda Town-II Kyiaban-e-Jinnah Road had been bought by the two men close to the Sharifs. “In a joint venture of Chaudhry Munir and Mian Amer both sought help of the Sharifs to have the deal settled at Rs7bn. Munir’s son Raheel is married to Maryam Nawaz’s daughter Mehrun Nisa two years ago. Amer is close to Nawaz Sharif and following his line.  The Palace was built by an Arab Sheikh in late 1980s and was decorated with expensive things imported from Gulf.

In a joint venture of Chaudhry Munir and Mian Amer both sought help of the Sharifs to have the deal settled at Rs7bn.

“It is in fact a cheap deal both Munir and Amer made with the help of the elder Sharif. It appears to be a good partnership between Munir and Amer… and it will be seen how long this continues,” the official said.

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Interestingly, the Abu Dhabi palace which is 3km from Shaukat Khanum Hospital was developed by the Arab Sheikhs to spend time here on their visit to Lahore especially to see the Sharif family. But any of them hardly stayed here. – Pak Destiny


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