Court moved on out-of-turn allotment of plots in Islamabad to certain ‘blue-eyed’ public servants of PTI bigwigs

By Irum Saleem

The Islamabad High Court has taken notice of out-of-turn allotment of plots in D-12 sector to certain ‘blue-eyed’ public servants by the PTI government.
Certain laws have allegedly been violated both by CDA and the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF).

Prime Minister Imran Khan has been requested to review the case and ensure that allotment of plots must adhere to the seniority and merit criteria.

The premier is also requested to consider entrusting probe to the DG FIA to ensure that no laws or rules have been violated. Since the PM’s principal secretary is a beneficiary of this latest alleged ‘transgression’ of policy and rules on the subject, a thorough probe is needed.

A government (retired) official Syed Abu Ahmad Akif has approached the Islamabad High Court against Capital Development Authority (CDA) for creating new plots in developed sector D-12 of Islamabad with prayer to set aside the all the process of creating the said plots.

The petitioner also prayed to the court to cancel the plots allocated to the respondents. The petitioner contended in his petition that while creating and making allotment of new plots in developed sector is subject to judicial review, hence, the entire process of creation and allotment of plots under challenge is liable to be set aside.

He said that the creation and allotments of plots under challenge are in grave violation of Rule 5(1) of ILD Regulations, 2005 inasmuch as that after having attained the status of developed sector’, any newly created residential plots cannot be subject to allotment to any citizen of Pakistan as there is no quota for the government officers in the residential plots of a developed sectors.

Under, Rule 5 (1) of ILD Regulations, 2005 the plots in the developed sector can only be allotted through an open auction, he added.

He further submitted that the plots under challenge have reportedly been created by the respondents in a meeting of CDA Board while exercising power tinder section 19 read with 21 of the CDA Ordinance, 1960 on the pretext of amendment in layout plan of sector D-12, Islamabad.

The person aggrieved by this amendment in the layout plan could prefer appeal of its grievance/objections within one month to the CDA Board. CDA, even without waiting the expiry of one month time fixed by itself, proceeded to place the plots under challenge at the disposal of the respondent society or allotment.

The respondent society , without evolving any mechanism for allotment of developed plots, proceeded to allot the said plots to the respondents.
The hurriedness on the part of the respondents in the process of creation and allotment of the plots makes it abundantly clear that this exercise was not done in normal course of business to oblige some blue-eyed individuals.
He also contended that the non-transparency of the allotment of plots under challenge can be gauged from the fact that no such information regarding the creation and allotments of residential plots in sector D-12 of Islamabad has been uploaded/placed on the website of respondent society.

He therefore said the allotment of the plots under challenged are liable to be set aside being based on unreasonable and unjustified selection. Pak Destiny

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