Delivery of Oxygen from the Blood to the Muscles and Organs

Delivery of Oxygen from the Blood to the Muscles and Organs

By Col Wajid Hussain

Hemoglobin is a protein found in the blood, which carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and cells. Hemoglobin releases oxygen when in the presence of carbon dioxide in the body. When we overbreathe, too much carbon dioxide is washed from the lungs, blood, tissues, and cells. causing the hemoglobin to hold on to oxygen and reduced oxygen release and delivery to tissues and organs, affecting their health. During exercise excess breathing does not provide the muscles with more oxygen but effectively reduces oxygenation even further. In contrast, when breathing volume remains nearer to correct levels, the pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood is higher, facilitating the delivery of oxygen to the muscles and organs. The better we can fuel our muscles with oxygen during activity, the longer and harder they can work.

Dilation and Constriction of Airways and Blood Vessels

Breathing too much can also cause reduced blood flow. Even few minutes of heavy breathing is enough to reduce blood circulation to the brain, causing a feeling of dizziness. Excessive breathing, can reduce diameter of blood vessels by as much as 50 percent and blood flow decreases by a factor of four. So people who are habitual of mouth breathers look tired and groggy inspite of sleeping for long hours. People who have to or habitually talk too much (ladies no pun intended), are often tired at the end of day . It is the effect of elevated breathing levels during excessive talking in which the more oxygen is spent, reducing the blood flow.

People who suffer from predisposition to asthma, the loss of carbon dioxide in the blood can also cause the smooth muscles of the airways to constrict, resulting in wheezing and breathlessness. However, an increase of carbon dioxide opens up the airways to allow a better oxygen transfer and has been shown to improve breathing for persons diagnosed with asthma. Also people, who have a feeling of chest tightness, excessive breathlessness, cough, and the inability to take a satisfying breath can be relieved of these maladies by simply improving the way of breathing.

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