Exercise helps us to lose weight, but what’s the optimal amount?

Exercise helps us to lose weight, but what’s the optimal amount

By Col Wajid

Studies have found out that overweight persons, in order to shed pound need to exercise a lot – burning at least 3,000 calories a week. It means working out six days a week for up to an hour, or around 300 minutes a week.

It has also been determined that while exercising, we would start to use stored fat to fuel our bodies’ continuing operations, can leave us leaner. But with a healthy metabolism, exercise introduces energy deficit in the body raising our appetite, urging us to eat more, compensating for lost fat. The upshot, is that we should also strictly monitor what and when to eat to lose desired weight otherwise we will pack on some pounds.

The overweight, sedentary men and women usually burn either 1,500 or 3,000 calories a week during their workouts. But to cater for energy deficit or hunger pangs as a result of exercise, theybresort to consuming an average of about 1,000 calories a week of compensatory eating, no matter how much people had worked out. By that math, the men and women who had burned 1,500 calories a week with exercise had clawed back all but about 500 calories a week of their expenditures, while those burning through 3,000 calories with exercise ended up with a net weekly deficit of about 2,000 calories.

Experts have come up a solution for that for men and women to start losing weight, some kind of exercise spanning to six days a week is needed in which a total of 3,000 calories are burnt. This regimen will result in dropping about four pounds of body fat.

Interestingly, burning about 3,000 calories a week with exercises, can regulate bodies’ levels of leptin, an appetite hormone that can reduce appetite better managing the desire to eat. The fact remains that most of us will eat more if we exercise, but only up to about the 1,000-calories-a-week inflection point. If we somehow can manage to burn more than that amount with exercise, we probably can drop weight. PAK DESTINY

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