Geo’s Aftab Iqbal produces “Siasi Theatre” secretively and sells it to Express TV

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, June 10 (Pak Destiny) Entertainer Aftab Iqbal has cheated with Geo TV administration by producing privately “Siasi Theatre” for Lakhani’s Express TV.
Informed sources told Pak Destiny that Aftab Iqbal who is hosting Khabarnak on Geo News secretively formed his own private production and produced “Siasi Theatre” by hiring the same caste of the Khabarnak. He also held meetings with Sultan Lakhani, owner of the Express media group and sold him the program – Siasi threatre – which is being aired at the Express TV at the same time slot the Khabarnak is aired.
The sources said Mir Ibrahim came to know about ‘treachery’ of Iqbal who got furious at him. Aftab first denied but later admitted that he had done this for money.
As the Geo has been facing crisis, Ibrahim did not fire Iqbal. “However, once the Geo’s trouble will be over Aftab Iqbal will be thrown out of Geo, Ibrahim promised,” a source privy to the development said.
Geo must find “black-sheep” from its rank. –Pak Destiny

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