ICJ verdict favouring India on Kulbushan – a big failure for Nawaz-government on foreign front

By Sarmad Ali

    (Pak Destiny) The Nawz-government’s poor handling of the Indian spy case in the International Court of Justice has brought a lot of embarrassment for Pakistan.

     Today afternoon ICJ pronounced its verdict staying execution of alleged spy Kulbushan Jadhav.
     ICJ president Ronny Abraham read out the verdict
    1. Both India and Pakistan agree that Kulbhushan Jadhav is an Indian citizen
2. The circumstances of Kulbhushan Jadhav’s arrest remains disputed
    3. India should have been given consular access as per Vienna convention
    4. The court considers it has prima facie jurisdiction in the case
     5. Rights invoked by India under the Vienna Convention are plausible
     6. Court concludes the conditions required to indicate provisional measures are met. Certain measures must be indicated to protect the rights

Soon after the verdict India started pronouncing the ICJ’s decision as its ‘big big victory’.

         Soon after the verdict India started pronouncing the ICJ’s decision as its ‘big big victory’. And on the other side the Pakistani analysts termed it a failure of the Nnawaz government on the international front. “We have no foreign minister. We have no competent legal team in the Nawaz government that could better fight our case,” say Amjad Shoaib, Shahid Latif and other experts.
       Nawaz Sharif needs to do a lot on foreign affairs as he seems more busy in politicking within the country and entangled in Panama scandal. He and his team do not seem to have time on this front thus bring shame for the country. – Pak Destiny


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