Kashmala Tariq and “good morning message”

Kashmala Tariq and  "good morning message"

By Iram Salim

As the media gets obsessed with politician and women ombudsman Kashmala Tariq’s statement that “welcome message to a lady from a man also comes in harrasment”, Kashmala gets phenomenal response even she was trolled.

Upset over the poor reporting of the local media of her speech Kashmala said: “I said unwelcoming n unwanted text messages n stalking on social media is also harassment. And then I gave examples. Media shall not take just one line out of context pls.”

Basically the real matter is in this era of social media it has become very difficult for women not to receive unwelcoming messages in their cell phone boxes.

Women will have to take on those sending them abnoxious or indecent matter. Only this way there be reduction in this trend.
Like the US, sexual harrasment reduced this year from 66 per cent to 53 percent in the corresponding period only because of the MeToo movement. Pak Destiny

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