Meesha’s another trap for Ali Zafar isn’t paying off — see who follows next after Leena Ghani

Meesha's another trap for Ali Zafar isn't paying off -- see who follows next after Leena Ghani

By Nazim Malik

After getting declared “guilty” in a strong worded charge-sheet of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for launching a smear campaign against singer-actor Ali Zafar on social media, singer Meesha Shafi has laid another trap for him (Ali) with her pawn — Leena Ghani. Meesha Shafi and makeup artist Leena Ghani are close friends.

After completely bogged down by the land of law on her frivolous sexual harassment charges against Ali, Meesha fielded her friend in this dirty game.

Leena picking up the script and claimed she was harassed over decade ago by Ali. Since she was one of the accused in FIA case and also declared guilty such a frivolous allegation was in store to come to the fore.
“After Meesha, Leena’s false and malicious statement to damage Ali Zafar has come as no surprise for many,” said Barrister Ambreen Qureshi, the counsel of Ali Zafar, in a response to allegations made by Leena Ghani in her defamation suit against Mr. Zafar in the High Court.

Barrister Ambreen said that Meesha had helped Leena establish her career as a makeup artist so saying Leena was not known to Meesha was a blatant lie. “Leena is also closely associated with Meesha Shafi’s lawyer Nighat Dad as one of the organisers of Aurat March,” Ambreen said.

The lawyer said that Leena had openly and publicly expressed hatred and hostility towards men and had been “found guilty” of running a smear campaign against Ali Zafar and falsely accusing him by the FIA alongside Meesha Shafi and seven others.

“Leena Ghani’s baseless and blatantly false allegations, which have been refuted by an eye witness already, seem like a desperate attempt to pressure Ali Zafar into withdrawing his criminal charges against her as proceedings begin on 18th January 2021. The penalty for which can be up to three years in jail,” Barrister Ambreen said.

The Ali Zafar’s lawyer also said that there was also a pending criminal case against Ms. Leena under section 476 for filing a false affidavit in the honourable Lahore High Court and they would be filing Ali Zafar’s reply to Leena’s frivolous suit in Sindh High Court.

“Ali Zafar and his team are undeterred by these intimidation tactics and threats, and we will not allow for the honourable #metoo movement for genuine victims of harassment to be misused by a closely aligned group of friends and associates to further their agendas by using Ali Zafar as a scapegoat,” she concluded.

It will be interesting to see after seeing her pawn ‘Leena’ going down facing in the court of law, which new pawn Meesha brings forward. PAK DESTINY

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