Pak journalism touches new low as Lakhani’s Express News apologizes for Edhi grave episode


By Sarmad Ali

 (Pakdestiny.com) What  kind of journalism is being currently practised in Pakistan this picture/video of Sultan Lakhani’s ExpressNews TV shows — live reporting from the grave of iconic social worker Adbul Sattar Edhi.

And of course this has been done for rating race… shame.

According to a tweet that has gone viral, a reporter from ExpressNews decided to inform his viewers of the details of the burial of Pakistan’s hero Edhi, who passed away in Karachi on July 8 at the age of 88 — from the social activist’s grave!

According to the tweet, the reporter seems to be reporting from Edhi’s grave which he reportedly prepared for himself in Edhi village 25 years ago.

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The reporter is being slammed on social media for his act, but the bigger question is: Is this the kind of journalism one must now come to expect? Such are the examples that makes one believe that Indian Movie “Peepli Live”  is very real and true.

Fahad Hussain, director news Express News, has apologised from the nation for what his channel has shown. However there has been no apology from the owner of channel, Sultan Lakhani. — Pak Destiny


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