PTI government and losses of Radio and Railways

By Sarmad Ali

Although information minister Fawad Chaudhry has given a solution of leasing out the Radio Pakistan land, will there is any other suggestion how to deal with losses it is suffering from.
Chaudhry comes up with statistics in a tweet

“Radio Pakistan:
Total Employees: 3900
Regular Employees: 2700
Non-Regular; 1200
Employees Salary: 1.6 Billion rupees
Pensioners Salary: almost 1 Billions
Yearly Loss: 1 Billions 25 crores

Total employees: 78,000
Yearly loss: 42 Billions
Overall Loss: 147 B”
There has been a debate on social media on this.
There has be some solution to deal with this mess… of loss and subsidies. –Pak Destiny


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