PTI still far ahead from PMLN on social media war despite Maryam Nawaz’s efforts

pti ahead from pmln on social media

By Iram Salim

There is still more presence of PTI on social media than PMLN.
There are more criticism, ethical or unethical, on the post of PMLN leaders by PTI handlers. On the other hand PMLN handlers are either less on social media or fail to respond to scathing criticism of their leadership.

It appears that PTI has recruited more handlers for social media after coming to power as it’s previous strength has reduced.

For example the moment PMLN MPA Hina Pervaiz Butt comments on social media ” ‏معیشت تباہ، روزگار تباہ، غریب لوگوں کے گھر تباہ،اخلاقیات تباہ، مہنگائی میں اضافہ،غربت میں اضافہ، ڈالر کی قدر میں اضافہ، روپے کی قدر میں کمی، لوگوں کی خوشیوں میں کمی۔کوئی پوچھے تو کہنا بدبخت،نااہل،نالائق،نکما ‘خان’ آیا تھا”

A good number of PTI handlers target her and there was hardly any one from PMLN to respond to them.
PMLN needs to match PTI power on social media. Pak Destiny

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