Yousuf Baig Mirza, a blue-eyed media wizard of PM Khan, comes under NAB radar for alleged corruption of millions of rupees being PTV head

ptv's yousuf baig mirza comes under nab radar

By Iram Salim

Another blue-eyed media wizard of PM Imran Khan, Yousuf Baig Mirza (YBM) faces NAB probe in which he appointed over 2000 people in PTV being it’s Managing Director in violation of rules and stated merit.

The YBM has some special traits that every government takes his services and Imran Khan is no exception.

Mirza is not only special assistant to Imran Khan but also running Public TV.

Will NAB also check from where he got huge sum of money to have launched his own news channel.

According to NAB, YBM also bought private drama serials being PTV MD. His acts caused millions of rupees loss to national exchequer.
Khan is only good at taking the corrupt in his tram and interestingly letting the NAB loose on the corrupt in the opposition.

Officials said that PM Khan is likely to fire YBM on his return from the US visit. Many are wondering how come NAB taking action against the corrupt of the PTI government.

Perhaps YBM’s corruption is too big that NAB couldn’t ignore it. Pak Destiny


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