SAMAA TV and it’s CEO are shamed for becoming ‘PTI B-Team’

SAMAA TV and it's CEO are shamed for becoming 'PTI B-Team'

By Nazim Malik

PPP leader and Sindh minister Saeed Ghani today blasted SAMAA TV for becoming a “B Team” of PTI asking it’s chief executive officer to join PTI if he is so keen to do politics on his channel.

SAMAA TV has become an open party against PPP running news and talk shows against PPP leadership and Sindh government 24/7. Ghani asked SAMAA CEO/founder Zafar Siddiqui to take some shame and take legal action against him if he has any issues with him over running a video clip of its TV.

Perhaps no news channel CEO faced such a humiliation at the hands of a politician in recent times. SAMAA TV has become a paid stuff and should be ashamed of it.

The time has now come politicians are openly exposing TV channels who are furthering the agenda of specific parties or establishment.

The CEO SAMAA should come forward and present his view point to tell whether his channel isn’t a PTI propaganda tool. PAK DESTINY


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