Shahbaz and Nisar making secret pact post-polls?

Shahbaz and Nisar making secret pact post-polls

By Sarmad Ali

Pak Destiny) Has Shahbaz Sharif reached a secret deal with Chaudhry Nisar about making an alliance of PMLN and Independents with Jeep symbol.

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Even anchor Talat Hussain is smelling what is being cooked between the old friends. Hussain says “Shehbaz and Hamza, awarded party tickets after detailed scrutiny, have maintained a stunning silence over the arrival of jeep, Nisar’s election symbol. Shehbaz-Nisar joint panel to co-share power after polls? Maybe.”

Very interesting scenario is being developed. Let’s see how many seats the Jeep walas get in July 25 polls. Pak Destiny

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