Six anchors whitens Rs6bn black money in PTI government’s Amnesty Scheme, claims a senior journalist

journalist Shafiq Awan,anchors amnest scheme

By Iram Salim

   Journalist Shafiq Awan has alleged that seven PTI-tout anchors have whitened Rs6bn and Rs300 million by a Reporter in the Imran Khan government’s Amnesty Scheme.

   This revelation does not seem extra-ordinary the way a group of anchors have been barking in favour of Imran Khan and PTI since his dharna time and even today supporting every bad decision of his government.

  Shafiq Aawan should have shown courage and disclosed the names of these touts who on daily basis lecture against corruption and made themselves billions through selling their TV channel and columns. The time has come to reveal the names of these ‘haram khors’ Mr Awan… dare to name them instead just posting on facebook that this number of anchors whitened the black money.”

   Let’s see if someone from the PTI government reveals their names, if someone honest is left? Pak Destiny

     Facebook posts of Shafiq Awan


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