Usman Buzdar needs to learn from Sharifs when it comes to send some gifts to anchors… mangoes not enough

By Iram Saleem

It is lovely to see that to prove oneself up write and honest one is returning mangoes gifted from Punjab CM Usman Buzdar.

The interesting wake up of conscience shown by known else but the anchor of ARY Arshad Sharif.

He did not like a few boxes of mangoes sent to him by CM Buzdar and returned it. And he also posted it’s pictures on his twitter account.

CM spokesperson Shahbaz Gill asked Arshad… Come on Man these were just mangoes worth few hundred rupees.

Shahbaz Gill tweeted “‏ارشد صاحب آپ منجھے ہوئے صحافی ہیں۔وزیراعلی پنجاب نے ذاتی جیب سے چند سو روپے مالیت کا تحفہ آپ سمیت تمام بڑے صحافیوں اور دوستوں کو بھیجا تھا تحفہ نہ قبول کرنا آپ کا حق ہے لیکن اس طرح ٹوئیٹ کرکے آپ نے سراسر زیادتی کی ہے آپ نے کئی دفعہ کھانے کا بل دیا ہم نے تو کبھی ٹویٹ نہیں کئے

Arshad is right. CM Buzdar should have learnt something from the Sharifs and sent at least some Lafafas.

Poor Buzdar doesn’t know the actual value of anchors. Perhaps he will learn one day. Pak Destiny

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