Aspiring to be Super Fit

Aspiring to be Super Fit

By Col Wajid

Athletes experience up to 60 percent less breathlessness than untrained people when performing the same amount of exercise.

During strenuous physical exercise, the consumption of oxygen(O2) increases, leading to a slightly reduced concentration of (O2) in the blood. Also, the increased muscle activity and metabolic rate produces more carbon diaoxide (CO2) , causing its increased concentration in the blood. Overbreathing for a period of days and weeks, however, removes more (CO2) than is necessary which increases the sensitivity of the brain’s breathing receptors.

With this kind of situation, the breathing will be intense and heavy. The body will have to further over breathe causing (CO2) levels to drop and less oxygen will be delivered to working muscles. The result? Overexertion, a disappointing athletic performance, and possible injury.

Super fit persons are able to tolerate a greater concentration of carbon dioxide and lower concentration of oxygen in the blood during exercise.
In fitness the breath hold plays a vital function as O2 saturation in the blood decreases, leading to increased production of red blood cells to offset the drop. Since red blood cells carry oxygen, having their greater quantity in your blood will also lead to an increase in aerobic capacity. — Pak Destiny

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