Breathe consciously to remain in the present moment

Breathe consciously to remain in the present moment By Col Wajid Hussain

By Col Wajid Hussain

For all breathing exercises, keep the posture erect but not stiff with face should relaxed. While in sitting position keep your legs crossed( Alti Palti).When sitting in a chair, be comfortably erect with your feet firmly touching the floor and your back straight.

Consciously breathe in lightly a fairly long breath. Following your in-breath, feel the air flowing into our nostrils and lungs (stomach is edging out). Now breathe out all the breath in the lungs (stomach is going in). Be ever mindful during inhalation and exhalation whether your breath is long or short. Now breathing, shift your attention to your in-breath and out-breath and say silently:

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When I breathe in, I know that I am breathing in.
When I breathe out, I know that I am breathing out.

To succeed, give all of our attention to breathing, and nothing else.. When distracting thoughts arise, let them go without dwelling on them and refocus on your in-breath and out-breath.

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