Buzdar starts copying Imran’s sitting posture to look confident

Buzdar starts copying Imran's sitting posture to look confident

By Raza Ruman

Prime Minister Imran Khan has told Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar the trick to look “confident”.

Khan told Buzdar to put your one leg on another one like his does while meeting every one including President Trump. Buzdar told Khan that he can’t speak before cabinet and bureaucrats. Khan said just change your sitting posture putting one leg on another showing them that he is very confident like him.

With one sitting posture tip, Buzdar becomes confident CM

After returning from Saudi Arabia Buzdar held a meeting at Lahore airport like Shahbaz Sharif at 2pm and sat before the bureaucrats and ministers by putting one leg on another and told them look “I am confident man”.

So by one this tip Buzdar becomes confident and knows how to run Punjab smoothly. Pak Destiny


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