Docile Ahsan Iqbal suddenly becomes hawk… why?

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By Raza Ruman

      (Pk Destiny) Has Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal chosen to play on the front-foot on his own or for his love for Nawaz Sharif? Why he is trying to put in the shoes of Khwaja Asif and Saad Rafique?

     Does Iqbal think that he could climb further up in the party ranks by taking on army? These are a few questions boggling the minds especially of those who are in the political arena.  What he is doing is something beyond the phrase of ‘more loyal than a king’.

     Ahsan Iqbal earlier seemed to be a mature politician but does he appear to be any more… perhaps time will tell the logic.

aif ghafoor,dg ispr,ahsan iqbal

Ghafoor said: “I was disappointed as a soldier and as a citizen of Pakistan.

     Yesterday the army’s media wing, Inter-Services Public Relations Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor responded to Ahsan Iqbal’s criticism of the ISPR commenting on matters of the economy.  Ghafoor said: “I was disappointed as a soldier and as a citizen of Pakistan. We conducted a seminar with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry. There were three former finance ministers, one former State Bank governor in attendance. The army chief gave a keynote address. I talked about it in my beeper to a private TV channel as well.”

    “The Pakistan Army is a state institution and it is very important to sit and talk about things. If we need to improve the economy, we will have to bring certain changes and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor needs to be supported holistically,” the army spokesman said.

     Iqbal after Ghafoor’s statment called for ceasefire. — Pak Destiny


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