India Today TV’s shameful act to malign Salman Khan on his release

By Nazim Malik

(Pak Destiny) A biased Indian media especially India Today did its best to target Salman Khan after he gets bail in blackbuck poaching case.

Today after spending two nights in Jodhpur Central Jail, Salman Khan has been granted bail in a 1998 blackbuck poaching case. Khan was sentenced to a 5-year jail term on Thursday.  Earlier today, Khan’s bail plea hearing was concluded in the Jodhpur District and Sessions Court in front of Judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi, who reserved the order till post-lunch.

Why the Indian media is unhappy over his release. Beena Kak, Salman’s friend, took on India Today for calling him ‘habitual offender’. “Salman is habitual lover. He helps the poor. He is a lovely human being. Those trying to make his release controversial should be ashamed of it,” she said.

India Today declared the court’s order to release Salman ‘controversial’ and that he managed to get this decision. Shame, shame and shame of India Today for this kind of journalism. Pak Destiny


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