Stressed or Tired Breathe this Way

Stressed or Tired Breathe this Way

By Col Wajid Hussain

By actively focusing on breath and the movements of diaphragm, one can influence the parasympathetic nervous system enormously through the vagus nerve that spreads from your brain to your lungs, heart and other organs.

In particular, when you exhale slowly or take a deeper breath than usual, the vagus nerve is activated. When tured or stressed, close your eyes abd take one or two slow deep breaths and exhale slowly through mouth with an audible sound such as a deep satisfying sigh. This will dilate lungs and the rest of the chest, and the vagus nerve will release a signal to the brain to relax. Also the lower part of lungs and the side of the neck are activated when you yawn, which electroshocks the vagus nerve and this also starts relaxation response.

5pm Breathing
People on desk jobs are usually tired by this hour. Studies have shown that by exhaling longer than you inhale and pausing briefly after the exhale, significantly increases the level of activity in the vagus nerve to start the relaxing you.

Start in a seated or lying position. Inhale for 4 seconds through nose and Exhale slowly for 6 seconds through nose. Pause your breath for 2 seconds.That’s one breath cycle. Repeat this breath cycle at least 10 times or more to reach desired state of relaxation. PAK DESTINY

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