To Remain Fresh–Just Don’t Waste Body’s Carbon Dioxide

To Remain Fresh--Just Don't Waste Body's Carbon Dioxide

By Col Wajid

Most of people including the younger ones, nowadays, generally look fatigued and exhaust easily while doing physical activities. Interestingly most of them display normal blood oxygen saturation of between 95 and 99 percent.

So the problem is not a lack of oxygen(O2) in the blood, but that not enough (O2) is being released from the blood to tissues organs and the brain, resulting in looking frequently tired this all happens because too much carbon dioxide(CO2) has been expelled from the body because of over breathing which can be two or three times the required amount without it being overly noticeable..

An occasional deep breath or sigh, adds to breathing in excess throughout the day. Also many people sleep with their mouth open, without knowing it. Thus the accumulated over breathing results in improper release of CO2 which further influences the release of oxygen from red blood cells to tissues and cells.

CO2 produced in body cells performs other vital functions in the human body, including the dilation of the smooth muscle in the walls of the airways and regulation of blood pH which keeps you fresh and alert all the time. PAK DESTINY

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