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Hamid Mir and company are upset as Mubashir Luqman joins ARY with all pomp

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, July 6 ( While most controversial anchor Mubashir Luqman has joined ARY News, anchor Hamid Mir and company are fretting upon the management of the ARY for its decision. Calling Luqman a “paratrooper” Mir says it is a shame that our media is determined to hire such a person.

“We should protest against those channels that hire non-professional journalists and give them prime time to do their programme,” Mir says.

Luqman on the other hand says: “I have joined ARY News. I know there was lot of speculation about that but since I just signed my contract hence I am informing you all.” Lucman further told PakDestiny: “I know there are many like Mir in the industry who are disturbed for my joining the mainstream channel but remember my rating is much better than some self-claimed top anchors. And it will grow further after off-air controversy.”

While Mir and others are criticising Lucman’s joining ARY they forget to lament Amir Liaquat’s joining Geo Network. If Amir despite earning bad name for all bad reasons can be taken back by Mir Ibrahim there should not be any surprise in Lucman’s case. As Luqman told his close circle that he would never hesitate targeting CJ Iftikhar and company from his new platform, let’s see the CJ acts or keeps the mum.

As Abdur Razaak and company have old enmity with Mir Shakeelur Rehman there was every reason for them to hire a man hated most by Geo family. (

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