The story of BOL journalist Asad Kharal — now in police custody for beating policemen — a reversal of fortunes

BOL journalist Asad Kheral --- now in police custody for beating policemen

By Nazim Malik

BOL TV journalist Asad Kharal who has a ‘bad’ reputation among the journalist community for targeting people has been given in police remand till Monday for his alleged crime of beating policemen.

On Chand Raat (Tuesday) police raided his house in Valancia Town and arrested Kharal after much resistance from him and his family members.

Kharal is the man whose career is marred with one controversy and another. On his controversial reports against Custom department he had a sound thrashing in 2018. Based on this plea he got two police guards on the court’s order. He misused the police guards and became a small time goon in Valancia where he is also accused of occupying two plots adjacent to his house.

Kharal was also a petitioner in the NAB case against Jang/Geo group owner Mir Shakeelur Rehman.
Kharal is known in journalist community as ‘propaganda machine’.

How he landed behind bar is an interesting story. The two police guards who were escorting him became victims of his ‘poor background’.

Before moving to Valancia in a big house a couple of years ago he was living in a three marala house in Township.
Since he became a name in media he made good money. But the poor soul dis not have the heart to spend a penny.
When it comes to providing daily meals and other related things to the two policemen guarding him and his house he was too miser.

Kheral even didn’t allow the two police men to live in a servant room rather he set up a tent outside his house where both policemen lived.

And in such a scenario the poor policemen were hit by Kheral apparently on the issue of not providing good food, residence and related things to them.

Since Kheral had connections in agencies he thought he could cross any limit. Here he made a mistake and hit the police constables on the above issues. And this time he couldn’t get away with this.

According to FIR, Kharal not only beat policemen but also opened fire on them. He also tore their uniforms. The FIR says when senior police officials reached his house, Kharal said he wanted to resolve the matter through dialogue. When the officers went into the journalist’s house, he locked them inside and started shooting at them, but they were able to escape and save their lives.

Let’s see who comes forward to rescue the ‘poor soul’. It is said this happens when ‘thoray Wich bohta par jai.’ PAK DESTINY

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