Our Present breathing Pattern

Our Present breathing Pattern

By Col Wajid Hussain

We generally prefer overuse of tight clothings and belts and such pattern of wears suffocates us. Also some of us, habitually suck in our bellies to look attractive, but restricting the movement of our abdomen thus hindering the proper use of our breathing muscles. Our sedentary lifestyle and drooping posture especially when sitting for work before computer adds to this malaise . On top of all this, being mostly stuck in “fight, flight, or freeze” mode, which is necessitated by stressful life, amplifies unhealthy breathing pattern. So avoid tight wears, adopt proper posture while on computers and practice living distressed life.

Mostly Breath through Nose
As a rule, breath in and out through nose as it filters, warms, and humidifies the inhaled air before it reaches the lungs. Nasal breathing also increases oxygen delivery to your cells, keeps carbon dioxide levels in blood balanced, and can even improve the overall capacity of lungs. The nose creates more resistance to the tub in inflowing air than breathing through mouth, slowing down breathing rate and providing a more relaxing effect on nervous system. — PAK DESTINY

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