Former Dunya News anchor Wajahat S Khan’s malicious attempt to give ethnic colour to army postings

Former Dunya News anchor Wajahat S Khan's malacious attempt to give ethnic colour to army postings

By Nazim Malik

Will authorities concerned shut their eyes on efforts to stoke ethnicity in the Pak armed forces. Former Dunya News anchor Wajahat S Khan made a very dangerous tweet.

He said: “PakMil gets a new Chairman Joints Chief of Staff Committee (CJCSC) in Gen Nadeem Raza. Although this is not an operational post, a Shia in this 4-star office, days before the Iran visit, is positioning, not posturing, by Pakistan.”

Kamran Shafi took on the big mouth and said: “I served 11 years in the Army. Never knew who in my unit was Shia and who Sunni…BTW whose bathtubs are better COAS’s or CJCSC’s??”

Another anchor/journalist Amir Ghauri said: ” As if already dangerous debate of labeling our generals, judges, politicians, bureaucrats by their ethnicity was not divisive enough, now we will stoop so low that we start talking about our ace soldiers as Shia or Sunni or Ahle Hadees etc. Pity.”

Will any one concerned initiate action against this Wajahat S Khan for making this attempt to give strong ethnic colour to our army? Pak Destiny


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