Tackling of Psychological Stress 

Tackling of Psychological Stress

By Col Wajid Hussain

Psychological stress can be caused by working conditions, personal financial situations, hostile home atmosphere or prolonged physical activity . Such stress is often managed by two complex hormone systems, which secrete adrenalin and cortisol. Adrenalin is the “survival hormone” of the body for coping with situations which can be real or imagined, producing its rush in the body. Cortisol, on the other hand, has a delayed secretion occurrence, after a stressful event. Both can cause wear and tear on the body and mind, if they are constantly present in high concentrations in the blood. This all can lead to chronic stress, depression, psychosis or other mental disorders in addition to physical illness. 

People who suffer from chronic stress can’ t even manage mild stress. These individuals will often be more depressed or aggressive, since their serotonin levels are low. Serotonin is a hormone which keeps us in a good mood. When the psychological stress factors are combined with inefficient breathing, unhealthy diet and too little exercise, it can ultimately result in a sick system which is the body’s way of telling that it needs a break.

Taking soft, deep and slow conscious breaths are good for such stress management. These breaths also enable you to manage the restlessness in the body and galloping thoughts .

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