The journey of the breath

The journey of the breath

By Col(r) Wajid Hussain

“If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be to simply learn how to breathe correctly”. Dr. Andrew Weil,

At the nose and lungs
On a normal healthy inhale, about 5–6 liters of air, usually consisting of 20.95 percent oxygen, enters nose or mouth into windpipe, or trachea. It then splits into two branches called bronchi and further into bronchioles from where it enters tiny air sacs of lungs called alveoli. 300 million to 600 million alveoli in a lung , are encased by tiny blood vessels called capillaries. It’s here that the oxygen in the inhaled air passes into the bloodstream.

At the heart:
Oxygen-rich blood is transported through to the left side of heart, then pumped through the aorta to all the other parts of body via
arteries, capillaries and vessels of the human circulatory system and going to each and every cell in the body.

At the cells:
Approximately 37 trillion cells of the body are like a little power station where cellular respiration occurs. It is the process of creating energy from what we eat and what we breathe in. This energy keeps our heart beating, our food digesting, creates electrical signals in our brain, and fuels our muscles to run, jump and lift. Alongside energy, cellular respiration also creates carbon dioxide, which is transported through bloodstream to the right side of heart and pumped to lungs to be expelled through exhale. — Pak Destiny

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