Asma Sherazi trolled for her links with the Sharifs

Asma Sherazi trolled on twitter for her links with the maryam and nawaz Sharif pmln

By Irum Saleem

Anchor Asma Sherazi was trolled on social media on Wednesday. The PTI trollers took on her for being ‘immoral’ and supporter of the Sharifs.

Poor Sherazi is still paying for her ‘free Hajj’ sponsored by the PPP government. “Mattiullah Jan was the man who exposed Asma’s Hajj story now he’s also supporting her.”

Asma’s tilt towards the PMLN has exposed many a time. The poor soul is looking for her support from the PMLN camp on social media but the PTI trollers were too good to outclass PMLN.

Some of the trollers post her pictures with foreigners questioning her morality. PAK DESTINY

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